Earn your organization a 50% profit by pre-selling from our color brochure featuring 10 popular candy and snack choices at an affordable price of only $6.00 per item!

Is your organization, team or group looking for a simple way to raise much needed funds? Our fundraising program, “A Sweet Reward”, is a great way to raise money quickly. We offer a variety of 10 name brand candy and snack selections that return a profit of 50% to your group or organization.

Our fundraising program includes:

  • Colorful sales brochures and order forms for each seller in your organization
  • A selection of 10 quality, name brand candy and snacks from which customers can choose
  • An affordable cost of $6.00 per item charged to your supporters
  • A quick turnaround time from the date the order is submitted to the delivery date
  • A complimentary delivery of your fundraising order to your location (minimum order applies to locations outside of our delivery area)
  • A 50% profit margin on each item sold; for every $6.00 collected, the group keeps $3.00